Posts from March, 2011

A Play of Landscape and Abstraction: Brian Rutenberg at Forum

The show ran from January 13 to February 19, 2011

Learning to Look: “Nature is the Teacher” at the Painting Center

February 2011 exhibition featured Simon Carr, Stanley Lewis, Thaddeus Radell, and Deborah Rosenthal.

Where are the fairs, and how fare the wares?

A Gazetteer of fairs in New York City in Armory Week, March 2011

Preparing the Ground for a Shift in Thinking: Dennis Oppenheim, 1938-2011

Oppenheim believed that artists should “make things that carry with them the residue of where they have been.”

March 2011: Storr, Valdez, and Waltemath with moderator David Cohen

Lois Dodd at Alexandre Gallery, Ellen Phelan at Gasser Grunert Gallery, Laurie Simmons at Salon 94, and Krzysztof Wodiczko at Galerie Lelong

On the Road: John Baldessari’s Pure Beauty

An exhibition speaks differently in different venues.

Armory and Leggery: Glamor and Style at the 2011 Fairs

Paparazzi take note: artcritical is looking for its own Bill Cunningham.