The Review Panel
Friday, March 30th, 2012

March 2012: Bill Berkson, Will Heinrich and Karen Wilkin with moderator David Cohen

  • Mary Lucier

    Do not overlook “Playing House” at the Brooklyn Museum, up until August 26. Four women artists do interventions in the Museum’s Period Rooms–Betty Woodman, Ann Agee, Anne Chu, Mary Lucier.

  • Gerry Hayes

    This is basically bullshit. There is a difference between art and illustration. Trite and superficial…
    TV commercials have more content and clever meanings than the work you describe at Armory week.
    At art fairs and galleries, the tape-ing of her body with notary public stickers ( a desperate stretch for meaning)
    and Pruitt’s, the taping of chairs…what’s that ?
    Has tape become the new medium ?

    Artist still in college ? Siegel’s new kid on the block?…who has credentials to be shown ? C’mon ! !
    Let’s look for a talented high school student with some disability.

    If words are in his art why not become a writer ?…he’s no Jasper Johns or Glen Ligon.

    If art fairs represent what will be shown in the biennial, it will be another year, as an artist, I, along
    with many artist friends will not go to the Whitney Biennial.
    Who is their audience for such a zoo-like fiasco ?
    Pathetic and disappointing.

    Critics could take the responsibility to change the direction of art today. Gotta stop drinking the kool-aid.
    If you don’t talk about it, thereby supporting it…this kind of trash will not exist.
    The tree falling in the forest syndrome.

    I respect what you do with your panels, David.
    But can’t we do something to stop this run away train ?

    —Gerry Hayes