Monday, July 20th, 2009

Madeleine Hatz at Elga Wimmer

The Klein Blue Performance by Madeleine Hatz,
The Klein Blue Performance by Madeleine Hatz,

In The Klein Blue Performance by Madeleine Hatz, the artist, working with IKB paint and attired in lyotards of similar hue, paints a large drop canvas with her hands and feet, dripping and printing the paint around the contours of her own body. She pays homage to the anthroprometries of Yves Klein while correcting the sexism of the French master, who used comely, naked young models as his instruments, by having the artist be her own brush. (If only such brushes were available at Pearl Paint!) A hint of the dionysiac via Carolee Schneemann’s Meat Joy might come to mind from the photographs of these performances, but that’s deceptive: With a Jordi Savall soundtrack, the experience is decidedly meditative. Hatz gave her performance in Williambsurg June 11 under the auspices of Creative Thriftshop and repeats it July 22 at 6pm at Elga Wimmer, 526 West 26, # 310, where her small YKB Ceilings series of paintings are part of that gallery’s Summer show.

This was an artcritical PIC in July 2009.