Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Jiri Kolar at Pavel Zoubok Gallery

Birds (Vermeer), 1970 Collage, 12-½ x 8-¾ inches
Jiri Kolar, Birds (Vermeer), 1970 Collage, 12-½ x 8-¾ inches

on view at Pavel Zoubok Gallery as part of the Czech poet and collagist’s exhibition, The Poetics of Silence, through December 19. Birds is also apropos as pic of the week in these last days of the Metropolitan Museum’s exhibition, Vermeer’s Masterpiece: The Milkmaid, which celebrates the loan of a gallery-mate of this painting from the Rijksmuseum, Vermeer’s Woman Reading at Letter.

This was an artcritical PIC in November 2009