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Saturday, November 6th, 2010

What goes around… Audrey Flack’s Wheel of Fortune at Gary Snyder

Audrey Flack, Wheel of Fortune (Vanitas), 1977-1978. Oil over acrylic on canvas, 96 x 96 inches.  Courtesy of Gary Snyder Project Space.

Audrey Flack, Wheel of Fortune (Vanitas), 1977-1978. Oil over acrylic on canvas, 96 x 96 inches. Courtesy of Gary Snyder Project Space.

Long considered one of the innovators of photorealism, Audrey Flack emerged on the scene in the late 1960s with paintings that embraced magazine reproductions of movie stars along with Matza cracker boxes and other mundane objects, that referred ironically to Pop Art. As one of the first of these artists to enter the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, Flack later came to excel in vanitas paintings that combined painted renderings of black and white photographs along with detailed arrangements of elegant objects including fruits, cakes, chocolates, strings of pearls, lipsticks, tubes of paint, and glass wine goblets.  In works such as Wheel of Fortune (1977-78), she would represent decks of playing cards and other ephemera related to gambling, adding a mirror and human skull, for good measure.  Her recent exhibition of Cibachrome prints, curated by Garth Greenan for Gary Snyder Project Space, is titled “Audrey Flack Paints A Picture” and is accompanied by five actual paintings.  This show reveals the painstaking process employed in making these fresh and original paintings from the late 1970s through the early 1980s during a highly significant and intensely productive period of her career.

( Gary Snyder Project Space, September 16 – November 6, 2010 )

  • Tiff

    In Wheel of Fortune, Flack combines many different elements to show the passing of time and that death awaits us all. Such examples include, the shininess of the jewels and fruit, the melting of the candle, the drops of sand in the hourglass, the skull, the calendar, and the mirror, no matter how much we may dress ourselves up and keep ourselves healthy, death still awaits and time stilll goes on. The tarot card and the roll of the dice portray our attempt to ‘see’ the future and take a chance.

    • Ryan Ait-El-Manceur

      Does this piece communicate the meaning well what you said

  • Lauren bowman

    I agree with the comment above about this painting portraying the passing of time and death, also that it portrays us trying to look into our future with the dice and the tarot card. I also feel there could be something else because most of the objects in the painting seem to be quite old like the candle stick, the hour glass and the two mirrors. I just wonder if it could also represent age aswell as all the other things.

  • Birdy

    I was wondering where “Wheel of Fortune” was painted.

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    Audrey Flack


    Audrey L. Flack is an American artist known for her pioneering contributions to photorealist painting, printmaking, and public sculpture. Wikipedia

    Born: 1931, New York, United States

    Artwork: Rich Art, Egyptian Rocket Goddess, Abstract Landscape, more

    Education: New York University Institute of Fine Arts, Cooper Union, Yale University, New York University

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