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Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Armory and Leggery: Glamor and Style at the 2011 Fairs

Paparazzi take note: artcritical is recruiting. We have had it with the current guy: he is simply no Bill Cuningham. This is what he came up with from an afternoon’s clicking at the piers.

A big thank you to all the sartorially expressive visitors and exhibitors he snapped.  But there is a limit to what a fellow can do with an iPhone, especially if he knows nothing about clothes, tends to ignore one of the sexes, suffers from the psychological disorder known as limbphomania, and is trying to look like a respectable art critic while on the prowl for art world elegance and chic.

Candidates for his position should submit one captioned photo of a glamorous visitor or exhibitor of this week’s fairs. Winning submissions and runners up will be posted, and terms negotiated. No suite at the Delano offered for the Miami fairs, alas, but we can come to an arrangement. We need your talent.

A good answer to a paparazzo's questions
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Please submit photos to editorial@artcritical.com. Also, subjects: please help us with captions, names, fashion details, etc.

Midas was here Silver medal Boy from Brazil Welcome to my pad Making spectacles of themselves: the legendary Janet Lehr and Ruth Vered take in and on the fair Lisson-up: Feverish activity under the serene gaze of an Anish Kapoor His shoes, her jacket Annie Rana at Marianne Boesky Taking the fair in one's stride Independent curator Amanda G. Schneider, ever ready with a smile The back story Bar at the Folies-Bergères 2011 A future collector Euros A lady from Germany To wade through the Armory you need galoshes tee-shirt statement Glitter and a Scarf Hattrick A feather in her cap Taking notes Who wears the trousers? Follow the book