Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Snowflakes, Auroras and Facebook Friends: Bookmarked…

In our regular BOOKMARKED column, artists, critics, collectors et al. share and comment on their favorite blogs and art-related or -inspiring sites.  This month, New-York based video installation artist Susan Jennings offers her top ten list of internet destinations.  Jennings is also part of the multi-media duo, Black Lake, with Slink Moss, currently participating in two exhibitions: What’s the Story at Freight+Volume through February 24 and X-tra at Lesley Heller Workspace through March 3.  Black Lake will perform, with special guests, at  Freight+Volume this Saturday, February 16, 7:00-8:30 PM


Vi Hart's Youtube channel, one of Susan Jenning's favorite bookmarks
Vi Hart’s Youtube channel, one of Susan Jenning’s favorite bookmarks

1. Aurora Borealis from Abisko National Park in Sweden. Turn off the sound.

2.  Photos by the Hubble

3. Snowflakes.

4. Angelo Plessas’ Mirage Machines. (Hint: cursor)

5. This video by Steve Roggenbuck is as offensive as it is gorgeous. You will not regret watching the whole thing.

6.  Community Weblog, kinda like wiki for blogs

7. Occupy Wall Street, which is still active. Occupy Sandy was and remains an amazing mutual aid movement helping those devastated by Sandy. The Rolling Jubilee is a very interesting debt elimination experiment. Keep you eyes peeled for more projects to come.

9. Vi Hart’s Youtube channel.  This is actually one of my favorite bookmarks and I go back to it regularly.  Vi Hart is a smart, sassy, super creative math grrrrl. I love everything she does.

10, Facebook!  Everyone’s Facebook experience is dictated by the “friends” they manage to collect. From activists to artists to critics to writers to eccentrics, these people are not posting kitty photos or reporting on their laundry. Go ahead and friend them.

Jenna Pope, Photoactivist

Jerry Saltz, art critic

Damien Crisp, Artist/Writer/Activist

(Also by Damien Crips http://dthtxt.wordpress.com/)

Baratunde Thurston, writer,

Dina Seiden, Writer/Performance Artist

Oliver Wasow, Artist

Simon Beck, Snow artist

Black Lake (Susan Jennings and Slink Moss) in rehearsal.  Photo by s-e stroum
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