Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

“Art Week” is Upon Us

Our subtitle: “Online magazine of art and ideas”. Online means immediate, here and now. Art and ideas implies a long view. “Art Week” (as Armory Week is sometimes dubbed) is a misnomer for those who live art 52 weeks a year-but no less exhilarating for that. True to (split) form, we are up to the minute with photos of last night’s Art Show gala from the legendary Jill Krementz, and we are also making timely use of a thoughtful review of Art Basel/Miami Beach last December by the redoubtable Joan and Reuben Baron, reinforcing a sense that it is all one long fair. (left: Collector Eli Broad looking at a Calder Mobile. © by Jill Krementz; all rights reserved)