Saturday, April 9th, 2016

For They Are Jolly Good Fellows

This Tuesday sees the third installment of The Review Panel in its new home, the Brooklyn Public Library. Meanwhile, over at artcritical, not to mention YouTube, one can hear – and see – the first and second outings. Podcasts and videos are now posted of the February meeting, with Siri Hustvedt, Roberta Smith and Alexi Worth, and March, with Svetlana Alpers, Laurie Fendrich and David Salle.

Last week (recording on its way) artcritical wrapped up its fourth annual season of The Review Panel Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where David Cohen’s guests were Eileen Neff, Edith Newhall and Ken Johnson. Congratulations were offered that evening to Neff, who had just won a Guggenheim fellowship, as had one of the artists being discussed, Michele Segre. Cohen then pointed out that Fendrich [left], a February panelist in Brooklyn, also graced the list of new fellows published that morning in the Times. With his wits about him he might also have mentioned Robert Storr, similarly honored with the coveted prize and slated for Tuesday’s panel.

Evidently, association with The Review Panel doesn’t hurt with Guggenheim applications!