Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Nicole Eisenman Double-Bill: Reviews of Her Exhibitions at the New Museum and Anton Kern

As if in celebration of Pride Weekend, artcritical fetes the art world’s newfound favorite queer painter Nicole Eisenman. It so happens Eisenman was one of the first artists featured at artcritical, back in 2001 when David Cohen reviewed that year’s invitational at the American Academy of Arts and Letters and discussed a painting by Eisenman in some detail. Our pride in the artist’s achievements runs deep.


Nicole Kaack on Nicole Eisenman at the New Museum, June 2016

Dennis Kardon on Nicole Eisenman, June 2016

David Cohen on Nicole Eisenman at Leo Koenig, March 2004

David Cohen on Eisenman’s work in the Arts and Letters Invitational, March 2001