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Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

A Grand Alliance

In 2004 artist Andrew Ginzel produced a list of current art exhibitions for his multimedia class at SVA which he would soon share with friends and friends of friends: SOME but not all SHOWS TO SEE January 16, 2004 Listed ± south to north. This turned itself into a decade-plus obsession with providing what, bizarrely, no other individual, publication, or institution seemed capable of: a neutral, utilitarian list of art on view in New York City. Flattering to was that we were soon credited as a source for THE LIST, as we too aspired to be comprehensive and democratic listings, and were praised for it.

Last year, Andrew announced to his bereft mailing list of thousands that he’d be suspending the service. By then, however, artcritical has assembled a crew of listings editors covering the whole city, Philadelphia and Hudson. It took little persuading to invite Andrew to assume the mantle of our listings czar, to whip us into better shape and, with our developer François Huyghe, devise the technical means to arrange the list in Andrew’s beloved geographical orientation. THE LIST can be enjoyed multiple ways: WEEK AT A GLANCE affords daily summaries of openings and closings; CURRENT arranges everything by neighborhood; and there are columns for LECTURES/EVENTS and FUTURE SHOWS. Plus you can mail yourself a PDF and play with it to suit your needs. For a daily TIP from the editors, find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The success of this venture depends, however, on our community of users. To misquote NYPD, if you DON’T see something, say something. copies straight to Andrew Ginzel’s inbox.