Tuesday, September 20th, 2016


The migration of THE LIST from a college instructor’s printed sheet for his undergraduate class to the pages of artcritical and its weekly newsletter, via the semi-weekly email of over a decade from Andrew Ginzel, is the talk of the town. Andrew gave an interview to ArtNews posted to their website yesterday. A daily ARTCRITICAL PICK  from THE LIST is posted to artcritical’s Facebook page, a great way to keep up with all new articles and news items from the magazine. Here, for instance, is tomorrow’s post:

“At Pratt Institute, Brooklyn-based Clement Valla discusses his work focusing on computer-based picture-producing apparatuses, and how they transform representation and ways of seeing. This focus stems from the realization that more images are being produced and parsed by computers today than are being made and seen by humans. His work includes photography, sculpture, and software. He has had recent solo exhibitions at XPO Gallery in Paris and Transfer Gallery in Brooklyn.”

Clement Valla, Wrapped terracotta neck-amphora (storage jar), 2014. Inkjet on belgian linen over CNC milled foam sculptures. Courtesy of the artist and XPO Gallery, Paris