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Monday, May 8th, 2017

Empowered: Grace Roselli talks art and motorcycles with Oona Zlamany

Grace Roselli’s Naked Bike Project ​and Susana Rico’s Viragos at Motorgrrl, 42 Dobbin Street. Brooklyn, April 28, 2017

MotorGrrl, a female owned and operated motorcycle garage in Greenpoint, is as much a community center for the women and men who ride bikes as it is a repair shop and showroom. April 28, 2017 the space becomes a performance and exhibition venue for two rider-artists whose wheels are a vehicle of expression. Photographer Susana Rico portrays women on their bikes using the vintage “tintype” photography process giving her subjects, who she casts as contemporary viragos, an at once gritty and ethereal quality. Grace Roselli, whose work fuses painting, photography, collage and performance, takes self-declared “kick ass” feminist ownership of the stereotypes that conflate women’s bodies and motorcycles in a gesture that adds gasoline to the cause of empowerment–although wait ’til you hear what she says to OONA ZLAMANY about empowerment. Camerawork by Brenda Zlamany. DAVID COHEN

MotorGrrl from David Cohen on Vimeo.