Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Nicola Ginzel at The Gallery at One Army Plaza

A Featured Item from THE LIST

On one level, the work is a meditation on consciousness or an exhortation of mindfulness, a concept from Zen Buddhism. On another, it is a continuous prying at the intuitive underpinnings of rational systems. The everyday materials the artist turns into art amounts to personal stuff found in a jacket pocket, or alongside pennies in a small dish: ticket stubs, chewing gum, rubber bands, scraps of clothing, soap, zippers, candy wrappers, match books, balls of wax. Such ephemeral objects often appeal to a child whose flexible, imaginative mind is more situated in the present moment. But Ginzel shows us that these bits which we discard are talismans of memory, artifacts of culture, and remnants of language.

Trident Cherry–Right in the Middle, 2011-2017 embroidered frottage, Hebrew dictionary page, paper napkin, ink, glue, wood

1, Grand Army Place, Brooklyn, opening September 22, 6-8PM, on view through January 2, 2018