Friday, October 6th, 2017

Last Chance…

It is hard enough to keep up with what’s opening in New York City, but the art avid have to fight a rear action simultaneously: this weekend will bid farewell to dozens of shows that opened after Labor Day. Luckily, WEEK AT A GLANCE at THE LIST includes a closing section each day. If you are gallery going tomorrow, for instance, you know that it will be your last chance to catch, among others, Rachel Rickert at E.TAY Gallery in Tribeca (reviewed in these pages by Roman Kalinovski) and many fine shows in Chelsea, such as Christian Marclay at Paula Cooper, Mary Corse at Lehmann Maupin, the late Yvonne Thomas at Berry Campbell, Maya Lin at Pace, and Franklin Evans (his arabesquedesign, 2017, is pictured, left) along with a tight and informative display of Photorealist Robert Cottingham, at Ameringer, McEnery, Yohe.

It might also be one’s last chance to catch the shows discussed on Tuesday’s edition of The Review Panel at Brooklyn Public Library.