Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

a featured item from THE LIST…Eden, Transplanted: A Performance by Eva Petrič

The dancer’s body is framed by projections of lace in a performance that explores interconnections of ecological ruination and organ transplantation. Petrič, a Slovenian-born artist working in Vienna, New York and Ljubljana, performs, composes and produces this ambitious multi-media work in collaboration with choreographer Janis Brenner and composer Matija Srtniša. Following the performance, which is part of the United Solo Festival, Petrič and Brenner join David Cohen for a brief Q&A.

ticketed event: http://unitedsolo.org/us/eden-2017/

Other featured items this week

Friday: Frances Barth at Silas Van Morisse Gallery, Bushwick

Saturday: Graham Nickson at Betty Cuningham Gallery, Lower East Side

Sunday: Alex Katz at Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Lower East Side and Harlem