Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Featured item from THE LIST: Luisa Rabbia, opening Friday at Peter Blum

At once intimate and sumptuous, Zen and nerdy, aloof and intricate, Luisa Rabbia “Death&Birth” cycle is a monument to nuttiness—an existential comment, in itself, perhaps, upon the sublime absurdity of existence. A pair of gargantuan murals represents the moments of entry and departure, complemented by three of her LingamYoni series (pictured) at a relatively modest height of six feet, everything worked in a bewilderingly painstaking technique of layered colored pencil strokes building up to the eerie glow of outer-space or the inner recesses of the body. The author/executor of these visual marvels is at once a god of sorts and a mere cell in her own creation.

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