Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

A Featured item from THE LIST: Sallie Benton at First Street

Amidst the scramble this week to see Frieze, Tefaf and other assorted fairs, not to mention making sure we’re up to speed with the exhibitions to be discussed at The Review Panel next Wednesday, don’t forget that life goes on in the gallery scene. In fact, there are extra special offerings this fair week. For instance, Sallie Benton at First Street Gallery, opening Thursday.

In a statement that is no less persuasive for expressing sentiments to which almost any painter might subscribe, Benton writes:

“I paint because it makes order out of the chaos of life.
“I paint because of the promise that is inherent in a blank canvas.
“I paint because it takes me to a place where words cannot go.
“And finally I paint because I don’t think I could not.”

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