Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Featured from THE LIST: Karen Heagle “Invocations” at Sargent’s Daughters

In the last century one might have visited modern masters at the Guggenheim or the Modern blithely unaware that the uniformed custodian at one’s side was another in the making, say Jackson Pollock or Robert Ryman. A higher percentage of visitors to Matthew Marks Gallery, however, intuit that the incredibly helpful and respectfully engaging woman behind the desk at the current Jasper Johns show, for example, is not your typical gallery salesperson: she is, in fact, the artist Karen Heagle whose first show with a new gallery since her last one closed opened on the Lower East Side last night. Sargent’s Daughters presents a bestiary of paintings that, according to their press release, references Dutch still lives, Pasolini, the Book of Revelations and Greek mythology, all in pursuit of “Heagle’s recurrent themes: sexuality and queer identity, feminism, power, history and the fleeting nature of life.”  179 East Broadway, through April 21