Friday, April 19th, 2019

Featured item from THE LIST: Mira Schor at Lyles & King

Mira Schor: California Paintings: 1971-1973

In 1972, NYU graduate Mira Schor headed to LA to enroll in the fabled Feminist Art Program which Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro had recently brought to CalArts. Schor also participated in the experimental Womanhouse project that same year. Fresh with youthful idealism, many of these works haven’t been since in the intervening half century. They also speak to the rich, mythopoeic complexity that has come to mark Schor as so singular and original a presence in the contemporary scene. The show gathers several of her narrative, symbolic triptychs from this period as well as student works that explore female attire from a consciousness-raising perspective. The flattened naiveté of shoes bursting with long painted nails and exuberant colors are charged in equal measure with critique and celebration, with constriction and liberation.

106 Forsythe Street, through May 19
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