Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

ARTCRITICAL PICK: Jack Goldstein’s The Jump


Jack Goldstein’s 3-minute film, The Jump (1978) has finally arrived at a screen near you! Goldstein’s red and gold rotoscope animation has been digitally remastered to be featured simultaneously across several billboards in New York’s Times Square.  The event is presented by Midnight Moment, an arts initiative that transforms 42nd Street’s maze of electronic signs and kiosks into screens for contemporary artists. The epicenter of visual consumption for consumption’s sake is a fitting venue for Goldstein, an artist who played freely with the signs, colors, and technology of the old Hollywood system in his films and paintings. Judge for yourself whether his work functions as a bit of sand in the machinery, or as just another glorious piece of neon in the night. And does it matter if its both?

The Jump plays nightly in Times Square, from 11:57 PM to midnight until August 31.  It is presented in conjunction with the artist’s retrospective JACK GOLDSTEIN x 10,0000 at The Jewish Museum, on view through September 29, 2013.



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