Posts from November, 2003

Shirley Kaneda: New Paintings

Shirley Kaneda at Danese Gallery

Thomas Nozkowski: New Paintings

Max Protetch 511 W.22nd Street New York NY10011 Tel 212 633 6999 until December 20 Unpacking a Thomas Nozkowski painting is akin to reading Beckett, sinking into Raging Bull, or catching a Dylan song. An experience that always leaves you challenged but full of visual riches. First, the facts. Nozkowski’s working method is simple; a … Continued

Picasso: The Classical Period and Al Taylor Wire Instruments 1989-1990

Picasso: The Classical Period, at C & M Arts 45 E 78th Street between Madison and Park Avenues, New York NY 10021 212-861-0020 through December 5, 2003 Al Taylor: Wire Instruments, 1989-90 Lawrence Markey 42 East 76th Street New York NY 10021-2711 Tel 212 517 9892 Fax 212 517 9894 November 13 to December 20, … Continued

Michael St. John

Cynthia Broan Gallery 23 East 73 Street, New York In the mid-Nineteenth Century, the French poet and art critic Charles Baudelaire published his famous essay, The Painter of Modern Life. He proposed a new model of the artist as an individual who was simultaneously immersed in and detached from the miasma of contemporary urban life. In … Continued

Arshile Gorky: A Retrospective of Drawings

Whitney Museum of American Art 945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street New York, NY 10021 November 20, 2003 – February 15, 2004 Arshile Gorky made a slow and painstaking journey through the art of Picasso and Miró during the 1930s and emerged with his own distinct visual language. Gorky represents the forgotten art of immersion, … Continued

Roy Oxlade

MR: There is of course always idle speculation on the state of painting as it might relate to the cultural vacuum. One cannot dismiss the fact that painting provides an entertainment for the masses, as do all the other mutant forms of so-called fine art. But its popularity at any given moment is certainly irrelevant. Would … Continued

Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings

The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street (212) 879-5500 October 18, 2005–December 31, 2005 There are about 1,100 Van Gogh drawings in existence and this exhibition includes 113 of them. Art historians have spent many years analyzing the work of Van Gogh but he remains an enigma. How and why did … Continued

Brooklyn Shakers: Paintings and Photographs

Wooster Arts Space 147 Wooster Street New York NY 10012 212-777-6338 August 31-October 1, 2005 The six emerging artists in this exhibition–painters Eric Ayotte, Jon Elliot, and Gwenessa Lam, and photographers Jaishri Abichandani, Lisa di Donato, and Tod Seelie—each portray ways we have transformed, for better or worse, the natural world. The computer plays an … Continued

American Cutout

The New York Studio School 8 West 8th Street New York NY 10011 October 15 through November 22, 2003 This show encompasses a number of different styles and formats, namely cutouts and collage, and the definition of “cutout” is meant to be multi-faceted.. Cutout generally means cutting out shapes and placing them on some sort … Continued

Mark Lombardi

Emotional intent is often ascribed to a sensitively rendered line, but to what extent can we say other information – intellect, curiosity, politics – are being transmitted in that same line? Put another way, how much of the spectrum can touch occupy in imparting content to a work of art? The question comes to mind thinking about “Global Networks”, the Independent Curators International exhibition of Mark Lombardi’s work at The Drawing Center in Soho, where twenty-five major drawings by the late artist are currently on display.