Posts from June, 2011

Culture Clash: Rave at Brooklyn Museum Versus Twilight Dance at the Botanical Gardens

First Saturday at Museum trumps first ever dance performance at Gardens

A Grand Citizen of the World: Eunah Kim, 1973-2010

A New York memorial for the Korean-American artist, who died in Seoul last November, took place in June.

Barbaric Sophistication: Roy Lerner at Bego Ezair

Exhibition remains of view through June 30.

Craft Becomes a Bad Word: Indian Folk Art in the Contemporary Wilderness

In three recent exhibitions, India’s folk art searches for context.

A Feast for the Eyes (and Mouth): Malado Baldwin at Nolita Open House, plus Hummus

A one day show offered short viewing hours but a long view of the paintings

Before You Go: With Drawings by Susan Bee, Dedicated to Emma Bee Bernstein

A collaboration in artcritical’s Poetry for Art series

Before You Go: Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee


Scroll right to see all four images; poem in full is published below. Before You Go Thoughts inanimate, stumbled, spare, before you go. Folded memories, tinctured with despair, before you go. Two lakes inside a jar, before you go. Flame illumines fitful lie, before you go. Furtive then morrow, nevering now, before you go. Lacerating … Continued

Song of the Sea: Sean Landers and His Sailing Clown

His new show on view at Friedrich Petzel through June 18

Paolo and Francesca: Bill Berkson and Oona Ratcliffe


Paolo and Francesca after Dante Alighieri, from Canto 5, second circle Inferno, “La Bufera” – the whirlwind where souls reside whose reason was overwhelmed by desire. Smitten, I began: “Poet, I would speak with that pair who go so lightly there together on the wind.” And he said: “You will see when they come a … Continued



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