Posts from November, 2021

The Review Panel, Guest of Brooklyn Rail’s the New Social Environment, Zoom, Friday, at 1PM ET


To mark the 17th anniversary of The Review Panel, hitherto hosted by the National Academy Museum and by Brooklyn Public Library, the Brooklyn Rail has invited artcritical to participate in its ongoing daily Zoom series, the New Social Environment. Moderator David Cohen will present a garland of three mini-panels, reviewing four exhibition. Reserve¬†your spot here … Continued

A panel today on Lennart Anderson at the Resnick-Passlof Foundation with painters Steve Hicks, Rachel Rickert and Kyle Staver, 4-6PM

It takes an exhibition. Despite being in his studio every day, Lennart Anderson, who died in 2015 left a relatively modest oeuvre. An artist of legendary tonal subtlety, he obsessively reworked his classical idylls, contemporary street-scenes, portraits and still lifes over many years. In his last decade, Anderson was the victim of macular degeneration, persevering … Continued