Posts from March, 2011

The Magic of Twilight: Inka Essenhigh on Working Fast and Being Timeless

Monoprints at Pace Prints Chelsea through April 16. Talk with Alexi Worth at the Studio School Tuesday 29

Hippie Edenists Adrift: Judith Linhares at Edward Thorpe

On view until April 2

Too absorbed by the future to bother about the past: Robert Rauschenberg

If Johns is our Mallarmé, Rauschenberg is our Walt Whitman.

Girlies, Flowers, and Vegetable Delights: Marjorie Strider Rediscovered

on view at Hollis Taggart Galleries through April 2

When in Rome: A photographer does the photography show

Visitors, gallerists and booths at the AIPAD Photography Show New York 2011

Gina Werfel’s Persistence of Vision

2011 essay reposted with new show of paintings at Prince Street Gallery

The Orchestration of Emotions: Marcel Dzama at David Zwirner

By layering his compositions, Dzama introduces a notion of spatial depth that is further explored in his dioramas.

Photography Cornucopia: The AIPAD show on Park Avenue

Feast of fine prints and on Saturday, plus a slew of panel discussions.

Leo Steinberg, 1920-2011

Tributes by Laurie Schneider Adams, David Carrier and others

“Like Renoir, he doesn’t only paint with his brush”: Raoul Middleman’s Baltimore Babes

Exhibition at Kouros Gallery runs through April 2.