Posts from July, 2010

What you bump into when you stand back from a photograph

The Original Copy: Photography of Sculpture, 1839 to Today at the Museum of Modern Art, through November 1

When Hypothesis Trumps Quality: Le Tableau at Cheim & Read

Le Tableau at Cheim & Read, through September 3, curated by Joe Fyfe

Terrestial Breezes and Solar Winds: A studio visit with Roberto Juarez

A TOPICAL PICK FROM THE ARCHIVES: 2010 Studio Visit marks residency/show at La Galleria La Mama

The Last Roar of Leon Golub

Leon Golub: Live and Die Like a Lion, at the Drawing Center, through July 23

July 2010

A welcome note to the “new issue” of artcritical is an exercise in drastic understatement this month, as the welcome is to a new look magazine.  The design overhaul of artcritical has been, indeed continues to be, an exciting and protracted endeavor.  We consider ourselves, in fact, to be still in our “beta” version.  We … Continued

Nine Galleries, Nine Chapters of Lush Life, a novel by Richard Price

Curators Franklin Evans and Omar Lopez-Chahoud conceive multi-venue show amidst novel’s neighborhood

Hybrid “Futuristic Species”: The latest from Medrie MacPhee

Medrie MacPhee: What It Is at Von Lintel Gallery

Silently Still Among Us: The beauty of Bill Beckley

Bill Beckley at Tony Shafrazi Gallery, May 15 to July 30, 2010

Orgy in the Raw: Joe Fyfe’s “Le Tableau” at Cheim & Read

A geographically and historically wide-angled summer group exhibition.

A Revealing Illusionist: Renaissance-inspired Ross Neher’s geometric abstraction

Ross Neher: Sanctuary at 210 Gallery, South Brooklyn