Posts from November, 2006

November 2006: David Carrier, Martha Schwendener, and Linda Yablonsky with moderator David Cohen

Fred Tomaselli at James Cohan, Sarah Moris at Lever House, Cory Arcangel at Team, and Lisa Yuskavage at David Zwirner and Zwirner and Wirth

Report from Hanoi

Rienke Enghardt and Tran Trung Tin at Art Vietnam, Hanoi HANOI–Areas of the city feature numerous art galleries aimed primarily at the tourist business. Hundreds of insipid decorative paintings are for sale. Oddly, there is more than an occasional almost interesting one. Some of the more adventurous Hanoi artists also produce for the commercial painting … Continued

Arturo Herrera

Sikkema Jenkins & Co. 530 West 22nd Street New York, NY 10011 October 21 – November 25, 2006 The 40 mixed media collages on paper in this exhibition by Arturo Herrera are all the same size, 98 ½ x 48 ½ inches. This allows us to focus on variations of a particular visual theme. Although … Continued