Posts from February, 2011

Salon Zürcher: Showcasing the Indie Dealer Spirit

Stealing a march on the fairs, a Bleecker Street gallery hosts Brooklyn and Lower East Side peers.

Gif and Take:, where registered users post and modify animated images is a digital version of the old Surrealist genre of the exquisite corpse.

Abstract Painting Under Wraps: David Hammons at L&M Arts

Veiled paintings uptown, with a downtown attitude.

Heavy Hitters: The Art of Football, Dallas-Style

The new Cowboys stadium gets museum-worthy murals by renowned contemporary artists.

Healing Hurt Pages: Robert Kushner’s Scriptorium

DC Moore moves downtown to Chelsea with Kushner’s Wildflower Convocation.

Sleep Patterns: Laurie Frick in LA

at Edward Cella Art + Architecture through  April 2.

Stereo Cropdusting: Eve Sonneman at Nohra Haime

Works of the 1970s, on view through March 12

Unitard Fabulists Adrift: Kahn & Selesnick on the Hourglass Sea

at Yancey Richardson through February 19, and also on view at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago

Bungalows of the Apocalypse: Leipzig Painter Ulf Puder at Ana Cristea

on view through February 19

Love Letters: Winners of artcritical’s Valentine’s Day Competition

Eleventh hour declaration for Serra’s Tilted Arc; plus something hot and colorful.