Posts from September, 2011

“He Still Draws Beautifully and Paints Every Day”: Will Barnet at 100

Painter Peter Barnet and law professor Todd Barnet talk about their father

Step Right Up! A Conversation with Crispin Hellion Glover

Enfant terrible actor/director screens his movies with slideshows and Q&As at the IFC

Picking Up the Pieces: Julie Heffernan’s Honest Pessimism

Her show opens September 3 at Catherine Clark Gallery, San Francisco

Function Follows Formula: Cory Arcangel at the Whitney

Equal parts hacker and historiographer, his central theme is built-in obsolescence

Alexander McQueen Double Bill

Essay compares him with photographer Francesca Woodman while review challenges unquestioning acceptance of his violence against women.

Savage Beauty, Tame Museum: Alexander McQueen at the Met

Offers feminist and museological criticism of the hugely popular show.

Gorgeous Metamorphoses: Alexander McQueen and Francesca Woodman

More than goth aesthetics and youthful suicides unite the fashion designer and the photographer.

The Labor Day Hotlist

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