Posts from December, 2011

“That Big Red Button Was Irresistible”: Play Station at Postmasters

Instructors at Pratt Institute’s Digital Arts program are let loose in a show of artist-made video games

Retinal Non-Retinal: Idiot’s Delight at Janet Kurnatowski

An exhibition curated by Craig Olson

All the World’s a Combine: Robert Rauschenberg’s Photographs

Review of the new book from D.A.P.

Caravaggio: James Dean of Baroque Painters

Andrew Graham-Dixon’s Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane

Little People Orphaned Once More: Charles Simonds at Knoedler

First New York show in a decade ends abruptly as storied gallery is shuttered

Where Artists Are Richer Than Doctors: Report from Havana

The starving artist stereotype is, surprisingly, not the Cuban model

Get Lost! Victims and Victors of the Art Fair Grid

How to stand out at Art Basel Miami,  Aqua and Seven

Roundtable on Cattelan’s ALL at the Guggenheim

with David Carrier, Carla Gannis, Maddie Phinney, Robin Siegel and Bessie Zhu