Posts from April, 2012

Catherine Howe at Von Lintel Gallery

Still Life as Action Painting

The Tremolo Effect: Harriet Korman at Lennon Weinberg

Her deadpan compositions make for lively meditations on painting.  Closes April 13.

Feared and Fearless: Hilton Kramer, 1928-2012

with additional comments by William King, Alex Katz and Vivian Tsao

From Rags to… Found Boots, Gloves and Soda Cans: The Richness of Thornton Dial

This dispatch from New Orleans in 2011 offered as a tribute to the artist who died recently

Tunnel Vision: Allison Gildersleeve at Asya Geisberg

Animated touch, sumptuous color and a disquieting absence of context.  Through April 7

Jack Bush at FreedmanArt

Images that balance chromatic vibrancy and earthiness.  DEBATE: Comments from Karen Wilkin and Piri Halasz

“A Yellow Patch of Wall”: Catherine Lee at Galerie Lelong

Her Quanta series injects the grid with measured sensuality.